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Obtaining a personal loan without supporting documents (bank account statement, income, charges, tax advice, etc.) is possible within the framework of a personal loan, but other alternatives exist to obtain financing without supporting documents. The grouping of credits for example. An editorial over at

Loan without supporting documents: the principle

Loan without supporting documents: the principle

The supporting documents are numerous when applying for a home loan or consumer loan, they are less so for a request for revolving credit or personal loan . The problem being that with all these documents, borrowers are more and more reluctant to solicit the banks because the procedures take time and obtaining financing recedes, we are not talking about days but weeks or even months for the release of funds .

In such a short time, it is understandable that households seek organizations on the internet in order to obtain credit without providing too many supporting documents or not at all. That said, obtaining a loan will systematically involve providing several documents, even if this list is reduced for a personal loan .

Credits without supporting documents: an underlying problem?

Credit loan

Using a loan without having to send too much supporting documentation generally implies that the borrower needs funds quickly for a particular project or simply to face an unforeseen financial situation . Life sometimes reserves surprises for which households are not necessarily financially prepared and therefore to face them, they request a loan at low amount to cover an overdraft , an expense or any other charge .

The problem is that the accumulation of credits can lead to over-indebtedness and rather than accumulating a new debt , it would be more judicious to reduce the amount of the monthly payments of credits, which is possible with the consolidation of credits .

Redeeming credits without supporting documents?

Redeeming credits without supporting documents?

Redeeming your credits and adding an amount to the financing for a particular project is perhaps a possible solution in place of the loan without supporting documents. The operation allows the repayment period to be rescheduled, which ensures a reduction in monthly payments (up to 60% *). The institutions offer borrowers to include, if they wish, an amount in financing to finance their project (initially dedicated to credit without supporting documents).

In this context, the borrower opts for better management of its finances and will be able to better cope with financial contingencies in the future because its credit charges will be better suited to its repayment capacity. Good to know: the repurchase of credit without supporting documents is only available for the online simulation, beyond, it will be necessary to provide the documents to obtain the financing.

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